LAB NISEKO launched

Im a person that travels with at least 5 pairs of snowboard socks every trip just because nothing is worse than putting your foot in a crusty sock.  So when I got my pair of Lab Niseko socks I’m not gonna lie I thought just another pair of snowboard socks… But then when I put them on I loved the fit around my ankles, they felt like a compression sock.  After 3 days in a row I thought it was time to swap out because usually that’s when my socks start feeling a little crusty.  So naturally I went to throw them in the dirty laundry.  But to my surprise they weren’t so I decided to give them a sniff.  Funny thing about that was I had a roommate that witnessed the whole thing.  The disgust on their face was priceless!  The socks had no stench and as much as I tried to convince them to smell them, they wouldn’t.  So I put them on and went out riding in them for my 4th day in a row.  I ended up wearing the socks for 10 days in a row before I washed them, just because I wanted to see how long I could go without them smelling.  I even ended up washing them before they smelled because I did a load of laundry and figured best to put them in. Because people wouldn’t believe me about the socks I would joke, “I’ll hide them under your pillow and you can tell me if you noticed in the morning.” Even though I never put them under anyones pillow I honestly believe they wouldn’t have realized they were there.   Traveling with Lab Niseko sock will allow me to have more room in my bags for other stuff just because I only need a few pairs. Hat off to them for making such quality socks!! 

Kaitlyn Farrington

High quality functional merino socks