When I was a child, My grandmother made yarns.
I still remenber the smell of machine and wool.

I moved to Tokyo age 21.
I liked Vintage, work, military clothes.
I always bought clothes with incomprehensible details.

I have worked for big labels “ppcm”
including Barneys Japan, United Arrows, Matsuya Ginza, and more.
In addition,
I have created my own label of men’s apparel “is-ness” in 2001 to 2010,
which was soled by United Arrows, Ships, HP France and more.
I enjoy color blending, practical, functional design,
and mixed culture contemporary design styles.

I already have 20 years career in apparel.
Directing, teaching concept design, managing, textile design, knitting design, pattern making, accessory design, and graphic design for fabric printing.

I took time off to travel the world for a year
and expand my insights in 2010.

I visited 33 countries and 99 cities in all over the world.For learn about other cultures and global economy. Interact with designers in the world.

I was experiencing, feeling, thinking and enjoying that,
and realized we should preserve
many beautiful things in this world.

I returned to Japan after the long trip in 2011.
Then helps local factories and societies using apparel.
And I started to live with nature.